Wit by Margaret Edson

Directed by Gaye Poole

14 - 18 September 2010

Vivian Bearing (Fiona Sneyd) , a renowned professor of English, has devoted her life to rigorous academic pursuits. In her 50s, unmarried, childless, without family, her life revolves around the study of the metaphysical poet 17th century poet John Donne. She is tough, demanding, uncompromising as both scholar and teacher. When Vivian is diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer, she determines to battle this illness using the same methodical and rational approach she uses in her work. In an attempt to beat the disease, Vivian embarks on a radical chemotherapy regime. The health professionals she encounters view her as little more than a medical experiment and she gradually realises that she much prefers - and needs - kindness and compassion to intellect. As she tries to reconcile mind and body, Vivian comes to appreciate what is truly valuable in her life. A subtle, elegant and wise play that asks us to question the way we live our lives, the choices we make and the relationships we form, Wit is a rare theatrical treat; a play that engages both the heart and mind equally. If this play seems familiar, it could be that you've heard the line "it appears to be a matter of life and death"...."my life and death." or "I was dismayed to discover that the play would contain elements of...humour." Margaret Edson's award winning play W;t/Wit has been faithfully adapted to the screen and directed by Mike Nicholls (Closer, Primary Colors, Silk, Carnal Knowledge, Catch-22) with Emma Thompson (Remains of the Day, Last Chance Harvey) as Vivian Bearing.

Winner of prestigious awards: Pulitzer Prize for Drama and the Best New Play by the New York Drama Critics Circle

Creative Team & Crew

Director: Gaye Poole
Original score: Gareth Farr
Production Manager: Delwyn Dellow
Stage Manager: Hannah Wright
Dramaturg: Fiona Martin
Lighting design/operation: Michael Lamusse
Sound operation: Brendan Theodore
Design concept: Gaye Poole
Set Construction: Simon Boyer-Willison
Publicity and Marketing: Brendan Theodore with Delwyn Dellow, Gaye Poole
Photography: Hannah May
Medical consultant: Stephanie Campbell-Wilson, CNS, DHB
Graphic Design: Hamish Williams and Stephen Sherman
Programme: Delwyn Dellow
Costumes: Gaye Poole
Make-up: Delwyn Dellow
Props acquisition: Zoe Vaile, Delwyn Dellow, Hannah Wright, Richard Homan
Crew: Katey Good


Vivian Bearing: Fiona Sneyd
Susie Monahan: Keagan Fransch
Jason Posner: Michael Potts
EM Ashford: Clive Lamdin
Dr Kelekian/Mr Bearing: Richard Homan
Hospital staff/code team/students: Kate Davison, Stuart Dunn, Jacques Fourie, Zoe Vaile
Understudies: Katey Good, Zoe Vaile