The Elephant Man by Bernard Pomerance

Directed by Gaye Poole

3 - 27 September 2014

This award-winning play offers an intense look at John Merrick, a physically deformed Londoner of the late 1880s. It is now believed he suffered from Proteus Syndrome. Intense and sensitive, Merrick strives to be normal, even as he is viewed as a carnival freak and later a scientific celebrity by London's socialites. This deeply poignant story raises questions about charity, science, faith and with particular resonance to our own time, asks us to consider societal responsibility - what does it mean for citizens to be responsible for one another?

The Elephant Man is a moving nests in the human heart.
— Time Magazine

Production team

Direction and design: Gaye Poole
Production management: Gaye Poole
Stage manager: Missy Mooney
Assistant stage manager: Ryan Wood
Costume design/construction: Cherie Cooke
Costume assistant: Joss Robertson
Construction of church model & bath/bed: Richard Homan
Props: Richard Homan, Gaye Poole & company
Sandwich board art: Pip Smith
Graphic design: Vincent Owen
Lighting design: Daniel Mills and Jonathan Wilce
Lighting operator: Jonathan Wilce
Publicity, marketing: Jaimy Bloom, Gaye Poole


Frederick Treves: Brendan West
Carr Gomm: Clive Lamdin or David Lumsden
Ross, manager of the Elephant Man: Simon Howie
John Merrick, the Elephant Man: Richard Homan
Pinheads: Alice Kennedy and Tendai Sithole
Belgian policeman: Philip Garrity
London policeman: Philip Garrity
Man, at a fairground in Brussels: Will Collin
Conductor of Ostend/London boat train:
Clive Lamdin or David Lumsden
Miss Sandwich, a nurse: Tendai Sithole
Bishop Walsam How: Simon Howie
Porter at the London hospital: Philip Garrity
Snork, also a porter: Will Collin
Mrs Kendal: Mandy Faulkner
Duchess: Alice Kennedy
Countess: Tendai Sithole
Princess Alexandra: Alice Kennedy
Lord John: Will Collin
Cellist: Alexander Arai-Swale or Catherine Kwak