The Dispute by Pierre Marivaux

Directed by Gaye Poole

1 - 4 March 2010

Who is more unfaithful in love, men or women?

What if four young people had been locked away in isolation (alone) since birth?

What if they were to be released (let go) for the first time?

How would bodies and minds reared alone respond to the first words, the first lies, the first kisses?

Production Team

Director: Gaye Poole
Production Manager/Wardrobe supervision: Gaye Poole
Costumes: Cherie Cooke
Stage manager: Hannah Wright
Props acquisition: Richard Homan, Sara Young, Lydia Foley.
Programme designer & publicity photography: Delwyn Dellow


Prince: Richard Homan
Hermiane: Lydia Foley
Carise: Sara Young
Mesrou: Clive Lamdin
Egle: Kirsty Russell or Zoe Vaile
Azor: Keoni Mahelona
Adine: Keagan Fransch
Mesrin: Michael Potts
Meslis: Jacques Fourie
Dina: Zoe Vaile or Kirsty Russell
With singer Athena Chambers