Riding in Cars With (Mostly Straight) Boys-IMG

Riding in Cars With (Mostly Straight) Boys by Sam Brooks

Directed by Gaye Poole

4 - 8 September, 2019

High school is over and Kyle is going nowhere fast so he gets rides with (mostly) straight boys. He spends his time chasing all the things he knows he can never have, because it’s safer than chasing the things you can. If he ever wants to find someone who loves him the way he loves straight boys he’s going to have to change.
And maybe learn to drive.

Astutely structured, the play seduces us with sparks that dance between deep feelings and light banter then ignites a flare of insight
— John Smythe, theatreview 2014

About the playwright

Sam Brooks is an award-winning New Zealand playwright, journalist and popular culture critic. His plays have earned him the Bruce Mason Award and the Playmarket b4 25 New Zealand Young Playwright award.

Sam has also been highly commended twice in the prestigious Adam NZ Play Awards (in 2017 for Burn Her and in 2018 for Twenty Eight Millimetres and Turn Off the Lights). His canon of work includes the plays Riding in Cars with (Mostly Straight) Boys, Wine Lips, Stutterpop, Queen and Burn Her.

Brooks' works have been staged in Auckland and throughout New Zealand, often produced through his company, Smoke Labours Productions. 

Riding in Cars With (Mostly Straight) Boys (2014) is the first Sam Brooks play to be staged in Hamilton.

Production Team

Director: Gaye Poole
Production Managers: Gaye Poole & David Simes
Stage Manager: Kelly Petersen
Lighting Designer: Logan Cook
Lighting Operator: James Smith
Graphic design: Joel Hinton
Stills Photographer: Megan Goldsman
Videographers: Benjamin Newton, Mihir Roy, Oliver Stewart
Marketing & promotion: Hannah Mooney, Gaye Poole, David Simes & Brendan Theodore
Programme: Vee McLean



Kyle: Leeim Rowe 
Jay: David Simes
Shane: Tycho Smith
Mike: Liam Hinton
Trent:  Zach Pickett