Love's Labour's Lost by William Shakespeare

Directed by Gaye Poole

15 - 21 November, 2016

A King & his three best friends swear off women for three years. What will happen when a Princess & her three best friends comes to visit? Can the men possibly resist the women? Will the women ever accept the vows of foolish men?

Shakespeare’s seldom performed romcom takes us to the Kingdom of Navarre where the quest to be in love, & speak from your true heart is marked by flirting, fooling, hunting & composing love poems. Along the way expect some 'sudden breakings-out of mirth' and the longest word in English 'honorificabilitudinitatibus'.

Carving in Ice Theatre invites you to celebrate Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary in entrancing, romantic style with an evening of laughter, tears, gravity and joy.


King Ferdinand: Tycho Smith
Longaville: Jack Knowles
Dumaine: Ben Redder
Berowne: Calum Hughes
Dull: Andrew Lyall
Costard: Liam Hinton
Don Armado: Phil Dalziel
Moth: Kelly Petersen
Jaquenetta: Bianca Rogers-Mott
Boyet: Conor Maxwell
Princess: Mary Rinaldi
Maria: Bree Swales
Katherine: Megan Goldsman
Rosaline: Anna Mahon
First Lord: Kevin Beijerling
Forester: Julianne Boyle
Nathaniel: David Lumsden
Holofernia: Sara Young
Attendants: Tara Given, Naketa Phillips,
Katie Lee Riddle.
Marcade: Kevin Beijerling

Production Team

Director: Gaye Poole
Dramaturg: Mark Houlahan
Costumes: Cherie Cooke
Choreography: Fiona Murdoch
Accompanist: Jonathan Mayer
Graphic design: Vincent Owen
Stage manager: Jeremy Tomkins
Assistant stage manager: Mpabanga KG Mpejane
Lighting design: Alec Forbes
Lighting operator: Jonathan Wilce