Half Life by John Mighton

Directed by Gaye Poole

13 November 2007

Two nursing home residents, both in their 80s, meet and fall in love, rekindling what might have been a wartime romance. Had they previously met somewhere under different circumstances? Why is their love so troubling for their children? Sometimes, the light at dusk is warmer and more enveloping than that of the midday sun.
The award-winning author of Possible Worlds brings us this poetic and moving meditation on identity, aging and nature of memory. What shines through when memory fades away?

Half Life received its premiere at the Tarragon Theatre (Toronto) in February 2005, co-produced by Necessary Angel Theatre Company and Tarragon Theatre.

Mighton’s most accessible play...beautifully told.
— Stage and Page
An unforgettable experience that is a gain, in every sense of the word, for the Canadian dramatic canon
— The Globe and Mail

Production Team

Direction: Gaye Poole
Set Design: Gaye Poole/Delwyn Dellow
Stage management/props: Delwyn Dellow
Set Construction: Clive Hobson
Lighting: David Jones
Photography & Crew: Stuart Dunn
Graphic design: Mary Faber


Clara: Lorna Booth
Patrick: Michael Easther
Agnes: Val East
Donald (Clara's son): Mark Houlahan
Anna (Patrick's daughter): Sara Young
Reverend/Stanley: David Lumsden
Tammy (first nurse): Emma O'Brien
Diana (second nurse): Mary Faber
First scientist/attendant: Richard Homan
Second scientist/attendant: Stuart Dunn