Aftershocks by Paul Brown and the Workers' Cultural Action Committee

Rehearsed Reading of a Verbatim Theatre Piece

12 - 14 March 2011

Carving in Ice have banded together to perform a rehearsed reading in support of the relief effort for Christchurch.  Much as musicians might be able to put on a concert, we are performing verbatim play - Aftershocks.

The piece is Verbatim Theatre.  Verbatim Theatre is a unique form of community theatre.  Essentially, a community is consulted with and ultimately members of a community are interviewed around events or issues, the text from those interviews is taken verbatim and re-ordered, and edited down, in order to create a piece of theatre.

The final result being something that is extremely personal and amazingly powerful.  Real words from real people with often excruciatingly real experiences. The piece that we have chosen is "Aftershocks" which is accounts from those in, around and connected to the Newcastle Workers' Club, that survived the December 28th 1989 Newcastle (Aus) earthquake.


All songs taken from the compilation 'Tomorrow's Conversations', used with kind permission by 'Nemean Lion', 'sink / sink', 'birds of passage & Leonardo Rosado', 'Her Name is Calla', and 'I've Lost'.  All proceeds go to the Red Cross appeal for the Christchurch earthquake.

‘to sad humanity alone’- Nemean Lion
‘As I Reach' - I've Lost
‘From The Year 1752’ - sink / sink
‘Thief’ - Her Name is Calla
‘to wander slow with me’ - birds of passage & Leonardo Rosado

'Tomorrow's Conversations' available for digital download, here: http://birdsofpassage.bandcamp.com/album/tomorrows-conversations

Creative Team

Director: Gaye Poole
Production Co-ordination: Brendan Theodore, Gaye Poole
Volunteers Co-ordination: Ngaia Copeland
Lighting Operation: Dion Rutherford, Lena Salins
Music Composition: Gareth Schott, Christian Parahi
Publicity & Marketing: Renee Casserly, Gaye Poole, the company
Web Manager: Brendan Theodore 

Special Thanks:

Jaimy Bloom
Nicole Campbell
Rachel Clarke
Shaye Petterson
Nikita Prinsloo
Samara Roberts-Thomson
Karen vanderLingen
Rebekah Yells
Caleb Young

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Jacques Fourie
Michael Gaastra
Katey Good
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