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Antony Aiono

Antony first became serious about theatre in 2009 when he played Gerald Arbuthnot in Oscar Wilde’s A Woman Of No Importance. Roles since include Gratiano (The Merchant Of Venice), Bernardo (West Side Story), Willard (Footloose), Gooper (Cat On A Hot Tin Roof) and Shylock (The Merchant of Venice). Antony attended the National Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival (2011) and received the Brooke Williams award for Clarity and Connection for his portrayal of Caliban. Antony was chosen for the National Shakespeare Schools Production and Young Shakespeare Company (YSC) playing Petruchio in The Taming of the Shrew on the Globe stage in London. Antony hopes to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

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David Bowers-Mason

David was born in 1994. He was introduced to theatre early on by a Shakespeare-enthused Economics teacher, then reintroduced by a group of Shakespearians, then just when he thought it was over, he was grabbed by the scruff of his neck and plunged facefirst into the icy depths – this is in fact David’s first show with Carving in Ice. Musically speaking David was a lateish beginner, starting at 14½ years of age, and sitting his grade 8 piano exam just last year. Something else you should know about David is that often he regrets writing half the things he puts in his bios as soon as sending them in.

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Nick Clothier

Nick is involved in theatre many ways, as an actor, director and teacher of Drama and enjoys the opportunities this form of art gives to him and others. This is Nick’s third Carving in Ice production. He is looking forward playing a Headmaster. He has met quite a few in his time and it will give him his one and only opportunity to experience upper management in a school context.  Most recently Nick was honoured to be involved in Carving in Ice’s production of Rabbit Hole. This was a hugely satisfying experience and one that will be difficult to replicate for a great many reasons.  With the Hoboken Symphony Orchestra, Nick also performed a well-received evening of swing music in this year’s Annual Hamilton Gardens’ Festival.

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Will Collin

Will has been an avid thespian since an early age. Since moving back to Hamilton after studying in Wellington he has had roles in some other Carving in Ice productions; Dracula (as the troubled and sometimes maniacal Renfield), Cow & Fold (as the unfazeable Pascall), and the devised original show Instructions for Life. He was also in Booom! (as the naive, incredibly idiotic Falconer). Will is thrilled to be performing in The History Boys as Rudge (a Rugby player wanting to be taken seriously in academia) and is also excited to be performing in another Carving in Ice show as well: Love and Information.

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Sam Domett

History Boys is Sam’s first production since school. Sam has been spending his time since high school at university and in his comedy duo, One and a Half White Guys. When Sam found out Gaye Poole would be directing The History Boys, he jumped at the opportunity to work with her and play a student in high school again. Sam was very interested in playing the part of Lockwood, as Sam found Lockwood's part to be the greatest part in the whole show.

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Philip Garrity

Philip has been performing in local productions for the last four years. Earlier this year he played Ariel in Slip of the Tongue’s production of The Tempest. In 2012 Philip was a member of the SGCNZ Young Shakespeare Company and travelled to the Globe Theatre in London. This is Philip’s third show with Carving in Ice. Last year he was part of the cast of Rabbit Hole and this year he was part of the Instructions for Life ensemble. He has thoroughly enjoyed rehearsals for The History Boys which presented many new challenges for him. Philip is currently studying theatre at the University of Waikato as a Hillary Scholar.

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Sam Howard

Sam spent a lot of his youth pretending to be a wizard, running around in the garden, magic staff in hand. Lately though, his aspirations have expanded to professionally pretending and he is excited to be part of his first Carving in Ice production: The History Boys. Sam has enjoyed being on stage ever since he realised there was one at his school, and was involved with a few projects back in his small home town of Auckland; including a stage adaptation of Monty Python's Flying Circus, and a Coronation Street parody he made with a video camera he got for Christmas when he was 13, in which he played most of the characters, including the baby. Sam plays the role of Dakin, the object of desire in Bennett's play.

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Clive Lamdin

Clive is now a veteran (in more ways than one) of Carving in Ice productions.  He is a compatriot and near contemporary of History Boys playwright Alan Bennett and feels that his early life shared significant similarities with Bennett’s. He also feels a close relationship with Hector, his character in the play, and as an admirer of both Bennett and Richard Griffiths, the actor who created the part, he feels enormously privileged to have the chance to play this role.  He greatly enjoyed the process of rehearsing with a cast of talented, brave actors under the stimulating (as always) direction of Gaye Poole, and believes that the final product will continue the high standard of profound and engaging theatre that Carving in Ice has always presented.

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Conor Maxwell

As this is his fifth production with Carving in Ice, director Gaye Poole has by now realised that Conor Maxwell doesn't take anything seriously, and has therefore cast him in the role of Timms - the class clown. Conor is using History Boys as an opportunity to relive his high school years and make up for the amount of times he should've been hit by his teachers, but wasn't. Conor is very passionate about this particular play, and has been interested in it since seeing the film version in the cinema as a tweenager. Conor is just as sassy and obnoxious as Timms, but unlike him, Conor understands poetry.

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Cadell Millwood

Cadell is tall for a 16 year old, actually he's pretty tall full stop. He learned to crawl on stage, dragging himself towards the footlights, and remains attracted to the bright lights and shiny stories. In recent years, Cadell has played roles in The Snow Queen, The Sound of Music, and Oliver! This year he has been cast as Oscar Lindquist in a school production of Sweet Charity, as well an being an understudy for The History Boys. He has competed in the Sheilah Winn Shakespeare competition, regularly takes part in Theatre Sports, intends to major in Theatre Studies at University, and hopes one day to attend Toi Whakaari.

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Fiona Sneyd

This is Fiona Sneyd’s third role with Carving in Ice. Fiona has performed with most Hamilton theatre groups tackling everything from Masha in Chekhov’s The Three Sisters through Olivia inTwelfth Night, to parts in Pinter’s Old Times, Stoppard’s After Magritte, McClure’s The Beard, Sartre’s Huis Clos, Frayn’s Noises Off, then on to Well Hung and Shakers. After that, she ‘rested’ for some years and turned to food - writing a regular column for the Waikato Times. Gaye Poole gave Fiona the opportunity to return to acting as Vivien Bearing in W;t; one of Fiona's favourite roles to date. Rabbit Hole followed, and now Totty. As with all Gaye’s productions, working on The History Boys has been a richly rewarding experience.

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Carl Watkins

Carl Watkins was born in the Rangitikei, and raised in the Manawatu. He lived and studied in Wellington in the late 90s and moved to Hamilton in 2000 to continue a music career. After touring extensively in NZ and Australia the rock group - Daisy Chain Halo - disbanded in 2005. That year he was asked by some football friends if he wanted to be in a play - Richard III (playing Lord Rivers). Since then he has been Rocky Horror, Robin Hood, Mr Knightly, Beauty's Beast, Shakespeare's Grumio, Dracula, and a whole host of other characters, sometimes several in one show. This flexibility and his unflinching dedication to his roles is one of the most indelible features of Carl's acting.

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Callum Webber

Callum is a 19-year-old theatre student who enjoys production whether from technical or an acting perspective.  Experience drawn from college productions culminated in being awarded a NZQA Drama Scholarship in 2011. Callum now performs in his first Carving in Ice production playing the part of Scripps in Alan Bennett’s award winning History Boys.  “The best moments in reading are when you come across something. A thought, a feeling, a way of looking at things that you’d thought special or particular to you”. Callum believes that this quote creates one of many moments of self-realisation in the play and he hopes the audience will connect with this amazing piece of art!

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Ryan Wood

Ryan is currently a student of History at the University of Waikato who sometimes involves himself in theatre. He has fond memories from his primary school days when he played Tâne, Maori god of the forest. In The History Boys he plays the character of Crowther, who is described as a history student who does acting as a hobby. The whole experience is very meta, and Ryan sometimes forgets if he is playing Crowther, or if Crowther is playing him. Previously, Ryan has been involved behind the scenes in Carving in Ice shows as Props Master for Rabbit Hole and Sound Operator for Instructions for Life


Production Team

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Abbie-Rose Foley

Abbie is currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Media Arts at Waikato Institute of Technology majoring in Graphic Design.  Her interests lie in layout design, for both print and web.  Abbie first worked with Carving in Ice as the Production Assistant, and Stage Hand for their 2011 production of In the Next Room.  She has since become more involved as a graphic designer, responsible for the group’s re-branding at the beginning of the year, which saw her designing their website, logo and promotional advertising. Abbie is thrilled to be working alongside her partner Brendan and artistic director Gaye Poole once more to design the print material for two Carving in Ice Theatre productions in 2013, Instructions for Life and The History Boys.

Natalie Foster

Natalie is a third year student at the University of Waikato where she studies Law and Theatre. She is also a Sir Edmund Hillary Scholar for Theatre. She worked with Carving in Ice last year in Jo Randerson’s Cow & Fold and this year in Instructions for Life. Previous theatre credits include: Flagons and Foxtrots (Fullhouse Productions), The Gingerbread Man (Fullhouse Productions), and Unbearable Things (Urban Vineyard). In her spare time Natalie enjoys dancing and looking at pictures of cats. Natalie is the wardrobe assistant for The History Boys.

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Eliot Jessep

Eliot is a local Hamilton boy who has been involved in many productions over the last few years, starting with his school productions at St Peters Cambridge. This will be Elliot's second time working with Carving in Ice; the first time he operated lights for Cow & Fold. Eliot does a lot of freelance lighting and events around Hamilton and Auckland.

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Alice Kennedy

Alice is very excited to embark on her first project with Carving in Ice. Now in her second year of  Bachelor of Arts conjoint with a Bachelor of Communications, Alice fell in love with the world of theatre at high school and has nurtured this love through her degree in theatre studies. Initially working under masters and honour students at Waikato University, Alice has also been involved with Remote Fiction Theatre and Fullhouse Productions last year, including playing Miss Feletti in Accidental Death of an Anarchist, and more recently Plains. While predominantly her involvement in theatre is on stage she is excited to be working back stage for The History Boys as well as a brief fling on stage.

Ngaia Mason

Ngaia has been performing from an early age beginning with dance but soon finding her true passion of theatre. A current Hillary Scholar at Waikato University, Ngaia is combining her two passions through studying Theatre Studies and Primary Education. She has had a number of roles on stage in shows such as A Midsummer’s Nights Dream (Helena), Grease (Frenchy), Three Sisters (Irina) and Unbearable Things (Maddie). In 2012 Ngaia was given the opportunity to see a different side of the theatre through stage managing Carving and Ice’s production Cow & Fold. She enjoyed it so much, that she is once again stepping out of the actors role and into a production role as Production Assistant under the Carving in Ice banner.

Gaye Poole

Since moving to New Zealand Gaye has directed Carving in Ice shows Cosi (2007), Half Life (2007), Marmalade: 3 short New Zealand plays (2008), Compleat Female Stage Beauty (2008), Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom (2009), The Dispute (2010), W;t (2010), Away (2011), Aftershocks (2011), In the Next Room or the vibrator play (2011), Cow & Fold (2012), Dracula (2012), Rabbit Hole (2012), Instructions for Life (2013).

For Theatre Studies at the University of Waikato she has directed: The Laramie Project (2006), Pride and Prejudice (2009), Attempts on her Life (2009), The Three Sisters (2010), The Last Days of Don Juan (2011), and The Convent of Pleasure (2012), Flights of Absurdia (2012), Baby with the Bathwater (2013). Read More

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Tendai Sithole

Tendai is a Hillary theatre scholar studying towards a conjoint degree (LLB/BA majoring in theatre studies).This is Tendai’s third time working with Carving in Ice, the first time was as Elizabeth in In the Next Room by Sarah Ruhl and the second time was in Cow & Fold by a New Zealand playwright Jo Randerson. This is Tendai’s first time working on a production team as the props master. This opportunity will help her appreciate theatre more in that she will have an understanding of how things are run behind the scenes. Tendai has also been a Speech and Drama student for a few years now and she recently acquired an ATCL diploma in performing arts.

Brendan Theodore

Born and raised in Melbourne, Brendan is a Sir Edmund Hillary Scholar at the University of Waikato, completing his Honours in Theatre Studies.  He is also a recipient of the NZQA Scholarship for Drama, and Arts Waikato Scholarship. Technical/production and venue management aspects of theatre are Brendan's theatrical passions. Although he has worked with various theatre groups in Hamilton, Brendan’s focal role has been Production & Stage manager for Carving in Ice Theatre for the last 3 years. Brendan has also worked with a number of venues/companies such as: Auckland Theatre Company and Claudelands Events Centre. He is currently employed at the Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts.





The metaphor of Carving in Ice evokes the transience of theatre. Ice sculptures are crafted by artisans whose sculptures last only for a short while, then melt and disappear. Theatre too is ephemeral in its nature; once the season is completed, the existence of the play, the shapes, sounds, movement in space, the light on actors’ skin disappear from view – but as with ice sculptures the traces of the experience continue to live on in the minds of those who were present.






The metaphor of Carving in Ice evokes the transience of theatre. Ice sculptures are crafted by artisans whose sculptures last only for a short while, then melt and disappear. Theatre too is ephemeral in its nature; once the season is completed, the existence of the play, the shapes, sounds, movement in space, the light on actors’ skin disappear from view – but as with ice sculptures the traces of the experience continue to live on in the minds of those who were present.